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Born in Brooklyn, now on Staten Island, NY, Naja (Maria Richardson) has been belly dancing since 2002. She has studied under Mariyah of Brooklyn, NY, and from 2004 -2006, was a member of the Alchemy Tribal Collective directed by Sarah Johansson Locke, formerly of Gypsy Caravan of Oregon. Since 2006, she has been a founding member of Manhattan Tribal, directed by Mimi Fontana, NYC’s first American Tribal Style® belly dance troupe and Fat Chance Sister Studio®. In 2009, Naja created and is Director of Tribe Hamsa, Staten Island's first ATS belly dance troupe and Fat Chance Sister Studio®.


Naja has performed at LeSouk, NY; Lafayette Grill, NYC; Jebon, NYC; Dance Parade 2007 - 2011, 2014, Rakkasah Spring Caravan 2007 – 2014, the northeast’s largest Middle Eastern festival; Cues & Tattoos 2012, Tribal Fest 2012 and many other venues throughout the country. In January, 2010 & 2014, she traveled to Paris to perform with Manhattan Tribal at Festival Bellyfusions. She is Certified, General Skills (2009) and Teacher Training (2010), by Fat Chance Belly Dance® of San Francisco.

When not teaching or performing with Manhattan Tribal or Tribe Hamsa, Naja is a Records Information Management professional at a major international law firm.


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Kara joined the NYC tribal dance community 5 years ago, inspired by the beautiful dancing and drum circles she experienced at SCA events, especially at Pennsic. In 2005, she began studying tribal fusion, and became a member of the Alchemy Tribal Collective, directed by Sarah Johannson Locke of Alchemy Performance Theater a former member of Gypsy Caravan. Kara performed with the collective at Rakkasah Spring Caravan, 2008. The following year, she began studying with Mimi Fontana, Director of Manhattan Tribal, NYC's first ATS® Troupe and Sister Studio. She is excited to be a core member of Tribe Hamsa. Her favorite aspect of ATS is the spontaneity and improvisation of the dance, its joyousness, and the sisterhood that group dance offers.


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Liv has spent her life fascinated by music and dance. For the past 25 years, she's taken part in formal and informal study ranging from ballet to jazz & tap to hip hop, house & reggae to traditional African dance and even to the "Goth sway." Originally attracted by the middle eastern drumming and costuming, she quickly fell in love with American Tribal Style Belly Dance®. What mainly hooked her was the freedom of improvisation as well as the ability to dance with anyone who's studied the Fat Chance Belly Dance® vocabulary.
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Stephanie is a newcomer and student of American Tribal Style Belly Dance® and the principal dancer of Amulet, Tribe Hamsa's student troupe. As a nurse, massage therapist and yoga practitioner, Stephanie believes ATS® is another body-centric practice with tremendous benefits. She loves ATS® not only because it fosters balance, strength and flexibility, but because it is primary a "tribe" dance, cultivating sisterhood, as well as spontaneity in structure.


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