Tribe Hamsa


American Tribal Style® Belly Dance

A Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio

Staten Island, NY

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What is Hamsa?

One of most popular amulets in Arabic countries related to deflecting the evil eye, Hamsa also bestows blessings, power, strength, health and wealth to the wearer.


Who is Tribe Hamsa?

A Fat Chance Sister Studio®, Tribe Hamsa is a collective of dancers and core members, Stephanie, Kara, Liv and Naja from Staten Island and the surrounding areas who come together to bring you American Tribal Style Belly Dance®. Under the creative direction of Maria "Naja" Richardson, a current and original member of Manhattan Tribal (a Fat Chance® Sister Studio) of NY, Tribe Hamsa represents the beauty, power and strength of this dance form.












What is Amulet?

A small object worn to ward off evil, harm, or illness it is also a protecting charm, a talisman that brings good fortune.

Also, Tribe Hamsa's Student troupe, Amulet is a group women who are studying ATS® with Naja on Staten Island.


The Amulet logo is an Ambigram... if you print it and turn it upside down, it will read the same.

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